Chilly and Chic

Posted on September 29th, 2009 by Crystal

It’s getting chilly and truth be told, sun dresses and sandals won’t cut it in fall weather. But please don’t opt for the sweat pant outfit and run out the door. Yes, other people will see you and sneer.

This season, the powers of fashion are leaving us some wiggle room for creativity. It’s not all about one look this year. Feel free to mix it up and juxtapose hard and soft. Go ahead, wear a silk dress and leather belt, hardware and painted details, delicates and roughs; we’re not doing laundry here, it doesn’t matter. Emphasize your shoulders, accent your legs with high boots, and crown your head with interesting hats. Do it all. Whether you’re the bows and lace type, leather and whips or some where in between, rock your look with passion and conviction.

The fundamentals of style for the fall and winter season are about keeping it cutting edge. The time to play it safe with your wardrobe is long gone. Take risks, experiment with silhouettes, and do something unexpected. You might even run with the crowd and add a dash of neon pink to your wardrobe. …Maybe I’ll get the sweat suit.

Thanks ELLE for the pics.

Can you match the quote to the douchebag?

Posted on September 15th, 2009 by Francesca

Courtesy of, Cut & Sewn brings to you the Leaders of Today Quiz.

Just remember. When the small percentage of America is giving President Obama hell for cleaning up George W’s leftovers- I’d like them to justify these three American icons.

The Quotes:
“I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.”

“Osama Bin Ladin is the only one who knows exactly what I’m going through.”

“There are many dying children out there whose last wish is to meet me.”

The celebrities:

David Hasselhoff


R. Kelly


Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Answers:
1. C 2. B 3. A

I had no idea.

Posted on August 21st, 2009 by Francesca

As the earth keeps spinning, our lives keep evolving, our spam e-mails keep growing, we never stop to see the implications of it all. This YouTube video encompasses the many aspects of our daily lives that can’t be quantified in our minds because frankly, it is evolving way too fast. Check out the numbers, the technology and the things you don’t know about our world -or do you?

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Jay-Z goes hard, but can’t sleep in Jersey City.

Posted on August 7th, 2009 by Francesca

Jay-Z ended July ‘09 by rapping and rocking out at All Points West in Jersey City.

He represented Brooklyn by covering Beastie Boys No Sleep Till Brooklyn and followed it up with HOVA Brooklyn (We Go Hard). Were you there for it?

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Are You Sure We Haven’t MET?

Posted on August 4th, 2009 by Crystal

Nothing to do? Why not meet someone at the MET. Catch The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion, closing August 9th. It examines the changing ideal of beauty from 1947 to 1997 and the people that helped project them. This riveting exibit features photography, video and articles of clothing from Yves Saint Laurent to Versace. Go on a sunny day to see Roxy Paine on the Roof:Maelstrom, a 130 foot by 45 foot stainless steel sculpture that looks like a tree on steroids. Ok maybe not exactly. There’s plenty else to see including Michelangelo’s First Painting. If none of this tickles your fancy, feel free to pout in the room full of Monets’. I mean, really, how many brillant works can you have in one building? … I guess that’s why they put one of the roof.

Here are a few photos of The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion, courtesy of the special exhibitions page.

Cristobal Balenciaga (French, b. Spain 1895-1972)
Day dress, 1955-56

Gianni Versace (Italian, b. 1946-1997)
Evening dress, spring/summer 1991

Bert Stern (American, b. 1929)
Twiggy in Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue, March 15, 1967

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Say Cheese

Posted on July 29th, 2009 by Crystal

Ok, I’ll cut to the chase. Mug shots are usually ugly. Seriously. No criminal says, “Hey I should definitely put on some more lip balm in case I get arrested tonight. Wouldn’t want a busted mug shot.” And the photographer certainly doesn’t care about capturing your good side… no pun intended, or the guilty twinkle in your eye. Too bad now-a-days mug shots don’t look like they use to. These next few, most likely taken by police photographers, look art gallery worthy when they were really just functional; full body and a head shot and into jail you go. Little did these old time criminals know they’d be plastered all over the internet…

Check out A Time to Get for more mug shots.

Yo Baby…

Posted on July 22nd, 2009 by Crystal

Here we go again. You’ve had a long day, or are about to have one, and some dude thinks he can worm his way onto your “to do” list. It’s always the same, those one liners that make you think, “How did you really think this little conversation would end up?” These next few stories should have the guys working on their A game…. and ladies, enjoy the laugh.

Pennsylvania native Sayda recounts a failed attempt, “It was sent to me as a myspace message, yeah that’s right, myspace. It was by some dude I didn’t even know and it said ‘Girl, Fidel Castro must have really done you wrong to have brought you here to America and into my presence.’ One I am not Cuban and two, that is so wrong.” Too bad for that guy, his message got deleted and he was blocked. Shame.

Then there are the more… simple minded and less inventive one liners (sounds nicer than plain stupid). College cutie Samanthia has heard it all including, “Is your name Campbells? ‘Cuz your mm mm good!!” Ummm, we’ll just say that relationship didn’t go very far. Though he might have been handy for winter colds, oh well.

And what about the men? One brave soul named Wayne fessed up. “If there was anything I could be I would wanna be your tear so I could be born in your eyes, live on your cheek and die on your lips.” Very Romeo and Juliet… too bad they both died in that book. Not wanting to bruise the male ego you could also go with the pretentious, “I just wanted to notify you that I noticed you noticing me, so I’m letting you know I noticed you too.” Thanks Wayne.

Or if you happen to be in Milan, like I was a few months ago, you just might get it straight up. “Excuse me Miss, do you need a husband?” Thankfully “No!” in English is the same in Italian.

Stairway to copyrights.

Posted on July 22nd, 2009 by Francesca

History repeats itself, that’s for sure. Music is a perfect example. Ever notice why a new song is so easily catchy? Maybe it’s because you’ve already heard it in the past. Who would have thought worldwide classics could be so ripped off. Are these songs “influenced” or just flat out plagiarized?

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MarQ of a Genius

Posted on July 14th, 2009 by Crystal

If a diva is the female version of a hustla then Marquita Loving, owner of Beauty MarQ, is one bad chick.  Housed in Baltimore, Beauty MarQ encompasses all aspects of fashion from make up to styling, and recently designing clothing. This self made fashion mogul is “making you pretty from head to toe” as her motto says. 

We met Marquita doing a recent blog for Cut & Sewn called “A Shopper’s Diary” and fell in love. So we caught up with her to find out a little more, here’s what she had to say.

Crystal: How and when did you first get started in the industry?
Marquita: I got started in the beauty/fashion industry by just loving Fashion. I love making people look pretty. I started doing hair professionally in 2005, makeup in 2007 and making clothes for others this year. Nevertheless, before going to school for it all, I always had the passion for it and the drive to become a fashion mogul.

With so many titles, how do you do it all?
It is not hard at all. I kind of juggle them all around. For one event, a client might need me to make them a dress and do their make up and so on. I think that you have to enjoy doing it all to make it work and I absolutely love to do it all, right down to the little details.

What were some obstacles you faced starting your own company?
One of the major obstacles I am facing even now is that I do not drive. It’s really crazy because most people my age drive everywhere I just chose not to. Other than that, everything else kind of flows together because I don’t need help from a financial provider for my business.

How would you personify a Beauty MarQ client?
A Beauty MarQ client is everyone. If you need my service, I am here to help. All ages.

How do you see your career progressing in the future?
In the future, I see my career expanding. Beauty MarQ is not just a business, it’s my brand. This company is everything that I am plus more. I see my clientele growing all over the world.

And finally in keeping with tradition, if you could write anything on a t-shirt, what would it be?

Marquita doing what she does best.

Products of Beauty MarQ.

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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Posted on July 12th, 2009 by Crystal

With nearly two million views to her YouTube page, Kina Grannis is scurrying up the ladder of musical success. There’s not much to it, Kina, her guitar and the lens of a Mac. But then there’s the amazing voice, original songs, and before you know it it’s been an hour since you started watching her videos. Maybe it’s the hypnotizing quality of her music or her eternally youthful face but either way you can’t ignore Kina’s talent dubbed the 32nd most subscribed to musician on YouTube.

Below are some of our favorites.

Can’t get enough? Check out Kina’s site

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Racism and Thread

Posted on July 9th, 2009 by Crystal

Racism and thread? Ok, wait, hold on.
Racism: An American Family Value is a new exhibition open at The Center for Book Arts in NYC. The striking title is centered on racism used in art to expose it, satirize it, and document it. The bold pieces are coupled with an annual members show, Threads: Interweaving Textu[r]al Meaning. Members of the Center’s art community and other select artists use actual thread to suggest content and form. This isn’t your mama’s type of thread. Visually compelling and equally thought provoking, these works from over 60 different artists will have you looking at art in a new light. The show is free 6 days a week until September 12th. So don’t sew your mouth shut about it.

Check out a few photos I took on opening night.

Candice Hicks, Common Thread Series (detail)

Heidi Neilson and Chris Petrone, Uniform Paper (text reads 100% Prison Jumpsuit)

Miguel Luciano, Cracker Juan

Vandana Jain, The Lego Alphabet

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The Thrill Is Gone…

Posted on June 26th, 2009 by Crystal

Fans pay tribute to MJ at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. His first performance here (at just nine years old) in 1969 with his brothers as The Jackson 5 crowned them the winners of Amateur Night.

Thursday afternoon proved to be the loss of a legend, King of Pop, beloved MJ. Whatever you called Michael Jackson, one thing was sure, there was nobody else that could Beat It like him. I mean, even Billie Jean loved the man. No other artist has show stopped like Michael; and the stream of YouTube videos, news coverage, and the like aren’t letting us quickly forget the passing of our one-gloved icon. Though he only lived to 50 his music will definitely out live his most dedicated fans and ruthless critics. He moon walked his way right into our hearts like a Smooth Criminal.