The Thrill Is Gone…

Posted on June 26th, 2009 by Crystal

Fans pay tribute to MJ at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. His first performance here (at just nine years old) in 1969 with his brothers as The Jackson 5 crowned them the winners of Amateur Night.

Thursday afternoon proved to be the loss of a legend, King of Pop, beloved MJ. Whatever you called Michael Jackson, one thing was sure, there was nobody else that could Beat It like him. I mean, even Billie Jean loved the man. No other artist has show stopped like Michael; and the stream of YouTube videos, news coverage, and the like aren’t letting us quickly forget the passing of our one-gloved icon. Though he only lived to 50 his music will definitely out live his most dedicated fans and ruthless critics. He moon walked his way right into our hearts like a Smooth Criminal.

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