Kosha Dillz talks to Cut & Sewn

Posted on February 5th, 2009 by lee

Kosha Dillz is embarking on a journey, he will perform 40 shows in the next few months. Judaism influencing his rhymes along with the world around him, he stopped in to talk to Cut & Sewn.

How and when did you rapping?
I must’ve began in 1999 at Braggin’ Rites NYC at Nuyorican Poets cafe.

How’d you know rap was right for you?
I really didn’t know that ’till recently. I knew I was able to hustle and like it and love it and I can of have a lost love for hustling anything. Music and me, its all great, when I started developing my artist identity, it becomes easier to know that its right for me. I just love hearing myself complete songs that move me and other people.

Who are your influences?
Pop culture. Food. Surroundings. Scenery. Current news. Spirituality. Israel. It can range from a number of things.

Tell me about your writing process.
It usually begins with an urge to write, sort of like caffeine withdrawal but with a pen. I just finished my LP Beverly Dillz in LA with Belief, a lot was done in socks on a couch. Just enjoying to force the creativity which i think it a great skill every artist must acquire. With another producer, someone forces you to write to beats you might not do so by yourself, in the end that can create a great song you might not have ever explored.

Keep reading for more questions and information on upcoming Kosha gigs.

What’s the best gig you’ve done?
I really enjoyed playing with Matisyahu at the festival of lights. December. It was sold out and my father was able to see me there. Just weeks before for the first time he saw me with a live band at some sort of gathering that wasn’t so exciting, it was more sit down and relax. This show was monumental for any artist.

He was able to park right in front of Music Hall of Williamsburg and get VIP treatment. I love my Aba. He embodies hard work of a┬áman loyal to the family and intelligent, but with common sense as well. He has experience in all areas of life, from relationships to war, to education and to business and love and marriage. These are things I always think about. I tour non stop so for him to see me on stage with flashing lights and come back stage and eat some pita bread and have a diet coke…its like…wow…”Im really proud of my son.” i have put him through alot so it was great way to end the year.

What’s your top 5 albums?
Illmatic – Nas
Reasonable Doubt – Jay Z
The Love Movement - A Tribe Called Quest
Ten – Pearl Jam
Nevermind – Nirvana

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the next year?
Playing large shows and festivals and making some amazing videos and songs that will break the pop barrier.

I really think I can break through to the next level. It happens every day when I work up and take that first step. As long as i continue to help others without expecting anything back in return live right, something above has proven to me that anything is possible.

What phrase or saying would you like to see on a t-shirt?
Oy Vey All Day

Kosha Dillz is making his name on a national tour right now. Hit up his show at The Lovin Cup in Williamsburg Brooklyn on 2/14 at 9pm. Check out his site.

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