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A pillow
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for you.

Get great rest with our award winning pillow.

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For every sleep

With the Cut and Sewn pillow you will love your new sleep.

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Side Sleeper Design

Adjustable firmness

Premium sourced materials

Promotes Proper Alignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About the Cut & Sewn side Sleeper Pillow

Why is having a good pillow important?

Your pillow is the most important part of unlocking a truly good night's sleep! Your pillow is around 30% of your sleep surface, so having a bad one can ruin your sleep on even the most comfortable mattress. If you think about it, your pillow has a massively important job in supporting your head, neck, shoulders, and upper back.

In order to keep your spine in proper alignment, your pillow must be the perfect combination of the right shape, firmness, and height. Your pillow can not only affect your quality of sleep but also your quality of life!

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